Conduit Registration Information

Conduit Registration Information

Conduit Registration Information


A conduit is required to register (Form GAB-9) with the appropriate filing officer, as defined in s.11.02, Stats., no later than the date of the initial transfer of a contribution to a candidate, personal campaign committee, legislative campaign committee, or political party committee.


The Conduit shall provide on the registration form:


-         the name of the conduit fund and, if the conduit uses an acronym, the acronym.

-         the name and address of the sponsoring organization, if any.

-         the name and address of the administrator of the conduit fund.

-         the name and address of the financial institution where the conduit account is maintained and the depository account number.


Campaign finance correspondence is mailed to the administrator at the address listed.


To register follow these three steps:


Step 1 contains the form GAB-9 in electronic format. This is the Conduit Registration Statement and is where all necessary conduit information will be entered.


Step 2 is a confirmation screen. It allows you to see the completed GAB-9 form as it will be printed and to check it for errors.


Step 3 allows you to complete the conduit registration process by printing, signing, and mailing the forms that have been generated.


Please Remember to sign and mail the registration forms to the GAB. We cannot activate your registration without this paperwork and as a result, you could be subject to forfeitures.


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