Candidate Committee Registration Information



An individual must register with the Government Accountability Board as soon as he/she forms the intent to become a candidate and before circulating nomination papers, receiving contributions, or spending money on the campaign.


To register follow these three steps:

Step 1 contains the form GAB-1 in electronic format. This is the Candidate Registration Statement and is where all necessary candidate information will be entered.


Step 2 is a confirmation screen. It allows you to see the completed GAB-1 form as it will be printed and to check it for errors.


Step 3 allows you to complete the candidate registration process by printing, signing, and mailing the forms that have been generated.


Please Remember to sign and mail the registration forms to the GAB. We cannot activate your registration without this paperwork and as a result, you could be subject to forfeitures or denial of ballot status.


Government Accountability Board

P.O. Box 7984

Madison, WI 53707-7984