Sponsoring Organization Registration Information

Sponsoring Organization Registration Information

Sponsoring Organization Registration Information


A corporation is required to register (Form GAB-11) with the appropriate filing officer, as defined in s.11.02, Stats., when it pays for the expenses for establishing, administering, or soliciting contributions for a separate segregated fund, often referred to as a political action committee (PAC). s.11.38 (1)(a)2., Stats. A corporation is not required to register if the PAC promptly reimburses the corporation for all expenses paid by its corporate sponsor or if the PAC pays all its own expenses directly.


The corporation provides the name and address of the corporation, and the name, complete address, and telephone number of a representative. Campaign finance correspondence is mailed to the representative’s name and address. The corporation designates whether it is a Wisconsin or a nonresident corporation. A nonresident corporation does not maintain an office or street address in Wisconsin. The corporation also provides the name, address, and registration date of its separate segregated fund (PAC).


Nonresident corporations are required to file the name, mailing and street address of a designated agent within the state with the office of the Wisconsin Secretary of State at

 30 West Mifflin Street, 9th Floor, P.O. Box 7848, Madison, WI 53702.



To register follow these three steps:


Step 1 contains the form GAB-11 in electronic format. This is the Corporation Registration Statement and is where all necessary corporate information will be entered.


Step 2 is a confirmation screen. It allows you to see the completed GAB-11 form as it will be printed and to check it for errors.


Step 3 allows you to complete the corporation registration process by printing, signing, and mailing the forms that have been generated.


Please Remember to sign and mail the registration forms to the GAB. We cannot activate your registration without this paperwork and as a result, you could be subject to forfeitures.


Government Accountability Board

P.O. Box 7984

Madison, WI 53707-7984