Special Interest Committee/Corporation Registration Information

In State Political Action Committees

Political Action Committee Registration

Before contributions are accepted, disbursements made, or obligations are incurred an organization supporting or opposing a candidate for state or local office, supporting or opposing a referendum question, or supporting another political committee registered in Wisconsin is required to register (Form GAB-1).


In State Political Action Committees

A political action committee is any political committee consisting of at least two individuals, other than a candidate committee or a political party committee, which receives contributions, makes disbursements, or incurs obligations for the purpose of influencing the election or defeat of candidates to state or local office.

Political actions committees (PACs) are most often sponsored by corporations, labor unions, or trade associations. However, any organization of two or more individuals may form a political action committee.

PACs are required to register in Wisconsin whether or not the committee is a resident committee or an out-of-state organization.



Out of State Political Action Committees

Political action committees are required to register (Form GAB-1) with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board if they make contributions or distributions in elections or referenda in Wisconsin. If the committee is sponsored by a corporation which pays administrative or solicitation expenses for the committee, the corporation must register (Form GAB-11) as well.


Nonresident means a registrant which does not maintain an office or street address in Wisconsin. While nonresident committees are not required to maintain a bank account in Wisconsin, they are required to file the name, mailing and street address of a designated agent within the state with the office of the Secretary of State, located at:

 30 West Mifflin Street, 9th Floor, Madison, Wisconsin 53702.


The Government Accountability Board assigned I.D. number must appear on all checks for contributions or disbursements made in Wisconsin.


Special Note of Registration

PACs should only register with the GAB if the organization’s activity will affect a state referendum or election to state office. These offices include: statewide partisan offices, legislative offices, district attorney, state superintendent of public instructions, and all judicial offices except municipal judges.


Please register with the appropriate local filing officer if your organization will be active in a local referendum or local office election.




To register follow these three steps:


Step 1 contains the form GAB-1 in electronic format. This is the PAC Registration Statement and is where all necessary committee information will be entered.


Step 2 is a confirmation screen. It allows you to see the completed GAB-1 form as it will be printed and to check it for errors.


Step 3 allows you to complete the committee registration process by printing, signing, and mailing the forms that have been generated.


Please Remember to sign and mail the registration forms to the GAB. We cannot activate your registration without this paperwork and as a result, you could be subject to forfeitures.


Government Accountability Board

P.O. Box 7984

Madison, WI 53707-7984