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PUBLIC - Committees
How do I find a committee?
Click on VIEW REGISTRANTS and go to Candidate/Committee Name and enter a portion of the committee name. The system will search for all committees with the string of characters you enter within the committee name. The more you enter, the more specific the search. To further narrow your search, you may add other variables such as type of committee (State Candidate) to search only for candidate committees, no PACs, Party or other committee types. Once you see the committee you would like, click on the committee name to open a PDF document with their current registration information.
Why can't I find a committee?
Not all committees are registered with the GAB. Only committees that are running in or trying to influence a state-level office would have to register with the GAB. State-level offices include, but are not limited to, the state legislature, governor and all constitutional officers, district attorneys, and circuit court judges. Mayoral, school board, and county board committees would not register with the GAB.
What is the committee status?
There are 3 possible committee status references. - Current: these are the active committees, still raising and spending money. - Terminated: committees that were active in previous elections, but are currently not active in state elections. - Administrative Suspension: these are committees which are no longer filing reports, and the GAB has not received any response to repeated request to comply.
What does EXEMPT mean?
A committee may claim an exemption from filing campaign finance reports. To be eligible to claim this exemption, the committee must limit their receipts and expenses to no more than $1,000 per calendar year, and accept no contributions over $100 from a single contributor (other than a candidate to their own committee).

I forgot my password, what do I do?
Click the "Forgot Password" link that appears underneath the "Login" button. You will then need to enter your Username and Candidate/Committee Email. A new password will be sent to the Candidate/Committee Email.
Am I able to change my GAB password?
Yes. You must first login using your current password, then select "Change Password" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will open the fields needed to change your password.

PUBLIC - Reports
How can I view a report filed with the GAB?
To access any reports filed with a committee, go to the CFIS Home Page, on the left hand side, click View Filed Reports. A pop up, letting you know that this information cannot be used for solicitation purposes will appear— click Continue. Type in a committee’s GAB ID in the field titled GAB ID, or start typing the name of the candidate in the Registrant Name field and click on the correct committee name when it appears. Click Search. All of the committee’s campaign finance reports will appear. To open up a report, click on the file listed under the column titled Filed Report Name in the filing period you would like to view.
Why can’t I find a report for a committee?
You will not find reports for local committees because they are not registered with us. In some cases, committees with little activity will claim exception, which means they are exempt from filing reports with us. Committees are only required to file reports with us twice a year, on January 31st and July 20th, with additional reports if there is an upcoming election. This is a postmark deadline, so we may not receive and post a report until a few days after the deadline.

Electronic Signature
What is an electronic signature?
An electronic signature consists of a registrant's GAB ID number, GAB password and the last four digits of the bank account number on the registrant's registration statement. If you are providing an electronic signature, you are about to make information available to the public (amended registration, notify transactions, file a report, file an amended report).

Account Security
What information in my account is the public able to view?
The public is able to view a list of all registrants in the system along with the receipts, expenses and filed reports of those registrants.
Is the public able to change any information on files they view?
NO! The public is able to ONLY view the filings mentioned in the previous question. They cannot make any changes. Changes can only be made after a registrant has logged in using his/her GAB ID number and secure password.

Why am I not able to enter information into some fields?
Some fields are inactive or are populated by the system. These fields remain displayed, so that they can be used as a reference. Inactive fields are colored gray.
Do I need to fill in every field on the registration form?
Only fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
How do I know that I am filing the correct forms?
The system generates the required forms for you, based on the information you enter while registering on this site. For reference, the name and number of the form is displayed at the top of the screen when registering.

Where are the drop downs for existing contributors?
The auto-populate function has been removed. This feature was resulting in some committees listing an occupation other than they had entered for the same individual. All contributors are now considered 'New', and you must enter all required information each time the individual contributes.
When I upload transactions I keep getting a message that columns are not found in the upload file. Why am I getting this message when my uploads worked last report?
Due to changes in the system, the upload files have been changed. Some columns have been added, others deleted, and some a slight change in the column name. You should go to the upload transactions screen and download the current upload template files. You can then copy and paste the data from the corresponding columns to the new template file. Note: Occupation Code is now Occupation Title and it is now a text field - no longer a code.
I had errors on an uploaded transactions file. I corrected the errors on the uploaded file, but they seem to have not been saved. The errors are still there. Why were my changes not saved?
If you edit the processed errors file, be sure to save as an Excel file. Then, the new file must be uploaded into the system.
I have entered all nine digits of a ZIP code correctly on an Transactions file that I have uploaded into the system, but I keep getting an error stating that the ZIP code is not valid. All nine digits I entered are correct. Why do I receive this error?
When uploading a transactions file (an Excel document) into the system, all nine digits of a zip code must be entered consecutively with no spaces or dashes. (e.g. 537012973) Five digit zip codes are also acceptable.
I have entered my transactions. Where do I find the entries to edit, preview, and file the report?
Once transactions have been entered successfully or uploaded and processed no errors, the transactions are saved in 'Pending'. Click on 'Edit/File Pending Transactions'; select the correct filing period; SEARCH. You should now see all your transactions and a series of buttons to file and preview the report below the transactions. To edit a transaction, click on the pencil to the right of the entry.
I entered all the information I have on a transaction, but when I go to Edit/File Pending Transactions there is a red flag. What do the red and green flags mean?
CFIS will check each entry to verify that all required information is provided. If information is missing, or you have entered a transaction that would be a violation (corporate donation), there will be a RED flag to the right of the transaction. Edit the transaction (click on pencil) and you will see the error or violation. If all required information is provided, you will see a green flag. These flags are only visible to you as a pre-audit tool, they are not visible to the public.

Filing Documents
How do I edit my registration?
After you log in, go to view/edit registration. Make all necessary changes, and click submit. If you do not see a pop up window for your electronic signature, the changes will not be saved. To make the signature pop up appear, press and hold the Ctrl key while you click on the SUBMIT.
How do I file a 24 hour report for late contributions or independent disbursements?
After entering or uploading the transactions, go to Edit/File Pending Transactions, find the transactions that need to be filed. Place a check in the Notify column for only those transactions you wish to file. At the bottom of the list of transactions, click on 'Notify Selected Transactions'. You should get a pop up window asking for your electronic signature (GAB ID, Password, Last 4 digits of bank account). Click SUBMIT,and you should receive a message that the transactions have been successfully notified, and a chance to view or print a copy of the GAB-3, GAB-4, or GAB-7 depending on the type of transactions notified.
How do I Preview my report to see what the final report will look like prior to filing?
In Edit/File Pending Transactions, after searching for the transactions, click on Preview Report. You will be asked for your beginning cash balance for the report, provide the balance from the end of your last report and click on submit. You should now be able to view a PDF copy of the report with the ending cash balance calculated using your beginning balance + receipts entered less expenses entered. This ending balance should agree with your reconciled bank balance.
I have finished entering all transactions, how do I file my report?
Go to Edit/File Pending Transactions and select the correct filing period and Search for the transactions. At the bottom of the transactions select File All Transactions. You will be asked to provide the beginning and ending cash balances (these are the amounts that will appear on the finance report), and then provide your electronic signature fields and submit. Your report is now filed and you will have a chance to print a copy to send to the GAB. You should also receive an email with a copy of the filed report attached.